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Welcome to my salon website


Please feel free to explore around

Stylist is fully vaccinated.

Everyone are required to wear mask at all time in the salon.

A little about me

Am a very out going down to earth person. Can be very blunt and straightforward sometimes. Mama always tell me, treats others how you wanted to be treated. Love to travel and eat good food around the world. Music is my most favorite hobby. I play guitar and sing on the weekend for over 10 years. Love to make friends, and share all the wonderful things about me and life experiences.

I born in Saigon Vietnam, moved to Hawaii 1993. I'm the youngest one in a family of 1 sister and 3 brothers. Living in the United States is truly a blessing for me and my whole family.


When i'm away from the chair, I like to sit down with my guitar. I love to explore different food on the weekend with my wife. Visit my parents whenever i could. Hang out with good friends. Try to travel at least twice a year. Most important of all, always on top of the hair industry.  

I specialize in 




Color Blending

Color Correction


(Most Hair Types)

Please do not book any appointment without confirming with me via text. It's very important that your appointment is properly schedule.


Services with " Consultation " next to price, will require mandatory  text consultation prior to booking.

Text pictures of current hair and inspirational hair color



All contact and consultation please text to this number

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