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Groupon Balayage Deal

Thank you so much for supporting my little business.Please read the information below to properly understand the deal and booking process.

This balayage deal is designed to give clients who are new to balayage highlight the experience of having modern look of highlights compare to traditional unblended highlights. It will only Lift your current level to about 3 levels lighter, and it's a very basic dimensional full balayage highlights. This is no way will transform your whole hair into a different colors or tones. That will required different services. It is perfect for clients who have one even color head of hair, and not for clients with existing highlights or lighter colors than their roots.

Steps for proper consultation and booking.

Please text to 832-860-6584

1. First And Last Name

2. Pictures of your current hair

3. Picture of inspirational/goal

PLease understand that there will be an extra fee of 50-100 base on the lenght and density of your hair. Fee will be decide after the examination of your hair at the salon. Long thick hair will take longer and required a lot more products, will cost you a little bit more. It's still a deal. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Thank You

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