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Balayage Premium Package

Thank you so much for your support by purchasing the groupon. Please take sometime going over the information below to understand it better.

Due To Covid

booking is currently not available until further notice

Please check back Later

   In this premium package, you will receive the following services. A full balayage hair painting job that will add more dimensional highlights to your existing hair. For some hair, it can be a great way to blend or adds movements to the look. Shampoo and Conditioning treatment to help cleans, smoothen, and moisturize your hair. Using latest technology product to infuse conditioning molecules deep inside your hair shaft under 5 minutes. A custom haircut will follow or before the balayage, to give you a fresh modern touch to your hair structure. Can't have you walk out without a nice blow-dry with load of volume and movements. 


Please understand that the Balayage will only lift your current hair from 1 to 3 levels***. Depends on your hair structure and condition, sometimes it can go lighter but no guaranty.


Balayage is a hair painting highlight technique. This technique is not designed to lift hair extremely light in one session like foilyage does, it's not for color correcting, and it's not the technique to touch up old foil highlights. If your current hair is a mixture of different colors and levels, or grown out blonde highlights mix with dark hair, this will not fix your hair situation. Might want to consider investing into a foilyage or color correction job. 

This Groupon is for first time customers only. For clients who had been to me before, thank you very much for your support, but unfortunately this groupon is not valid. 


Please be aware that there maybe an extra fee of $50 - 100, depending on your hair Density, Texture, Length. Amount will be decided by me after examining your hair at the salon, before the initial services. Any questions or concerns, please refer back to Groupon's terms and policy agreement. It's not JT hair responsibility to refund or exchange your purchase.   


Do to my business structure, it will be extremely helpful to consult and book via text ONLY to (832-860-6584) Johnny. 

For Proper Consultation

Please include your full name, a picture of your current hair ( in good bright outdoor lighting ), and a few inspirational photos.

Business and personal life sometime can be very busy, please allow me time to respond to your text. Johnny will get to you as soon as I can.

Business days is Tuesday to Saturday, Appointment only. 

Please understand that Groupon clients only eligible to book weekdays, last booking is 4pm.

Sundays and Mondays ( I Eat, I Drink, and I Sleep )

*** Hair lifting levels for your preferences.  

3 levels of lift 

Black = Medium brown

Medium Brown = Light Brown/Ash Dark Blonde

Light Brown = Blonde

Blonde = Light Blonde


ATTENTION: Below photos are for levels example only.




Dark Brown