Haircut Package 

Thank you so much for purchasing or interested in this wonderful starter deal

Due To Covid

booking is currently not available until further notice

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  This is a perfect opportunity for first time clients to really get a chance to learn more about me and my passion. With the dense amount of salons and stylists available to us, sometime finding that right hair stylist can be a big challenge. It's like buying a house. You have to personally walk into it, smell it, feel it, interact with it, to really decide which house is the perfect house for you.

   With this deal. You will get a chance to experience a custom haircut that will fit you the best. You can bring pictures to show me, or we can just jazz it up with your opinions and permissions. A quick deep conditioning treatment using the top technology product with molecules small enough, to penetrate deep into your hair within 5 minutes. A stylish looking blow dry that will get you out and ready for the outside world with a smile.

   Of course there will be rules and policies to every deals when it comes to business. Groupon have their own rules and policies, and i have my own rules and policies for JT Hair Salon. very simple and easy to understand. There "maybe" an extra charge of $20-50 base on your hair density, length, texture. Reason for that is because each and everyone of us have our unique hair type, texture, length, and density. The thicker the hair, the more or longer it will take to cut, wash, treatment, and blow dry. Just a little extra, but it can help me a long way. I want to still be around for your next hair appointment.

   If for some reason you completely disagree with my salon policy, i totally respect your personal choice and opinions. Very simple, please contact Groupon to get your full refund or trade it in for a different deal. Please be aware of Groupon policies itself. Unfortunately i cannot refund or exchange any Groupon deal. Groupon deal are strictly for what it is advertised for. Refund only can be made by Groupon, do to the fact that Groupon is the middle man. I dont get the 50% cut until vouchers are scanned.

3 steps to book!

1. Understand and Agreed to policy

2. Text only to 832-860-6584 picture of your current hair, and inspirational photos.

3. Your full name, you are a groupon client, and your availability. 

Please understand that Groupon clients only eligible to book weekdays, latest booking at 4pm.


Tuesday - Saturday

Please allow me up to 48 hours to respond