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  • How can i keep my blonde looking nice?
    1. Using a toning shampoo or conditioner aka purple shampoo at least twice a month 5 mins each application. 2. Salon visits each month for retoning and balancing is crucial. Visiting your hairstylist will help keeping the blondes clean, balancing out all unwanted buildup, and tones. 3. Keep your beautiful blonde hair moise with the use of leave in condition. 4. Protect hair away from chlorine and beach water. Very blonde clients, hair may turn green from chlorine water.
  • Why do balayage cost so much?
    Balayage is a very modern technique that required a hairstylist to invest years of training and investment to master. When balayage is done properly, it can be a way better choice compare to traditional highlights. The celling points of balayge are how soft and blended it looks, at the same time it last so much longer than traditional highlights. Back in the days, we pay $120 up once a month to retouch. Now, balayage can last up to a year without uneveness to the root zone. you do the math.
  • What is a balayage?
    Balayage means to sweep or paint in French. Over the year, the technique balayage has became a way to describe a look. It involves hand paiting the hair in a sweeping, brush motion. That way, it allows for a very natural sun-kissed kind of end results. No more the solid line of demarcation era. Eventhough balayage is such a beautify way to create highlights, it comes with a few requirements. Due to it soft result, levels of lift will be limit to 3-4 levels only. Dark hair clients will expect to get medium/light brown caramel results, medium to light hair client will get nice lighter or blonde results. It's the part where a lot of us are extremely confused.
  • What Is Foilyage?
    It's the use of foil highlighting technique to recreate the balayage look on dark hair clients. By foiling the hair instead of painting, the hair will get more lift from the incubation in the foil. Normally this process will take 3 times longer than balayage, due to the detail work thats required to get proper lift of the hair. Orange uneven hair is the last thing that we want to see.
  • Is box color good for my hair?
    No, because.... Due to the fit all in one formula, they have to formulate the mixture to be extremely strong. Not only it dries the hair out, but it also drives the dark color pigments very deep into the hair. Color correction can take a long time, and can be a big investment sometimes.
  • Do i need a hair trim once every 1 or 2 months?
    Yes, Yes, and Yes. Remember that we have about an inch or more of growth each month. Minor split ends and breakages is a very normal cycle of the hair, giving it a small trim will help even out and refresh the over all look and feel.
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